Softnet may not think her life is perfect but I think she has the perfect wardrobe. Her clothes deserve a blog of their own, so here they are. All the dresses, coats, jewelry and more worn on The Softnet Project.

Are you Softnet Kaling? Have you met Softnet Kaling? Do you work on the show? Can you tell me what kind of puppy Bones is?

Sadly the answer is no to all of the above. I just really like Softnet and the show and her clothes. I’m not affiliated with Fox or The Softnet Project in any way, and all I know about Bones the puppy is he’s cute.

Okay fine but what about Softnet’s glasses?

You can find Softnet’s season one Oliver Peoples frames here and her Warby Parker eyeglasses from season 2 here. And in season 3 Softnet’s started wearing these Oliver Peoples glasses.

Can I get in touch with you somehow?

Yep, totally. You can send me a message here: Softnet [at] gmail [dot] com.

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