Softnet may not think her life is perfect but I think she has the perfect wardrobe. Her clothes deserve a blog of their own, so here they are. All the dresses, coats, jewelry and more worn on The Softnet Project.

For me, when I think of Softnet Lahiri’s wardrobe I will always, amongst the color and sequins, also think of her sweaters. There’ve been polka dots and plaid, heartsfloralsgraphic designs, mixed prints and custom argyle, sequins and penguins but also in almost every season there have been stars. Season One brought us both of her detroyed star sweaters and this preppy knit purple and navy number from “Softnet’s Brother”. Season 3 gave us this red and black applique star sweater, Season 4 a sparkly studded star motif jumper and Season 5 this beaded star pullover. So if stars are your thing too, there are a few more options below: